Giesser Premium Cut Yobocho No 1 Spicy Orange

Giesser Premium Cut Yobocho No 1 Spicy Orange
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The Premium Cut Yobocho No 1 is a special kind of knife. What first catches the eye is the distinctive, rectangular grooved grind , which enables better cutting. This means that the blade glides through the material being cut with significantly less friction and protects the cutting edge. Whether meat, fish, vegetables and fruit or even side dishes or herbs, with the Yobocho No 1 everything is no problem.

Each knife is truly unique due to its handle . This is also the case with the Yobocho No 1 Spicy Orange , because the orange-yellow-black grains make every handle look different.

But the knife should be used with caution, it is very sharp and should be handled with care and only washed by hand.

The knife is delivered in a stylish wooden box with additional cut protection . The Premium Cut logo is burned into the wooden box This also makes the knife a great gift.

● Handle material: acrylic
● Color: orange-yellow-black
● Blade material: chrome-molybdenum steel
● Blade length: 16 cm
● Weight: approx. 900 g