Victorinox Knives

Forged by the skilful hands of expert craftsmen, Giesser blades feature seamless steel tangs, ergonomic handles made from robust materials and meticulously sharpened blades that are so sharp they effortlessly slice through everything from delicate vegetables to tough meats.

Victorinox produces high-quality kitchen cutlery that is ergonomically shaped and extremely sharp. With each chop, you'll feel like a professional-level chef, whether you use these amazing kitchen knives in your five-star restaurant or at home. Look through our selection of chef's knives, boning knives, kitchen shears, steak knife sets, slicing knives, knife blocks, and other kitchen tools.

Victorinox Kitchen Knives are designed for both beginers & skilled cooks. 
Our company is built on a solid legacy, an exacting commitment to Swiss precision, and a continual focus on quality and innovation. Here are a few of the best-selling Victorinox products.