The Knife

We've kept a close eye on the chefs and completely reinvented the chef's knife with THE KNIFE. Everything about this knife is really different. The short handle automatically lets the user grip the knife much further forward than normal. So far forward that the thumb and index finger enclose the blade. The blade becomes an (almost) natural extension of the hand. A secure grip and precise guidance are guaranteed. The hand automatically sits above the blade and not behind it. This ensures a shorter lever and thus better power transmission. No transition interferes, all lines are flowing. And then this blade, ground through to the end and extended backwards to below the handle. Cutting where the force is, supported by a weight distribution that THE KNIFE. virtually drops into the material to be cut. More is hardly possible. With the GOOD DESIGN Award, THE KNIFE. received the oldest, most prestigious and globally recognised prize for excellent design - in addition to a host of other renowned awards. By the way: cooking with THE KNIFE is actually even more beautiful than just looking at it!