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Knife Sharpening Service

The KNIFE SHOP uses professional knife sharpening techniques garnered from the knifemaking districts of Germany & Japan. Our traditional Japanese sharpening skills are unrivalled in New Zealand

For Tauranga residents, we offer an in-store knife sharpening service. Turnaround time is usually 24 hours. Although we strive to get your knives out the door as soon as possible, the waiting time will depend on the backlog of orders.

We also offer a courier service New Zealand-wide.

Our Techniques

Most knife sharpeners use machinery that overheats the blade causing knives to lose their hardness. This turns your $300 knife into a $20 knife. At the KNIFE SHOP we understand the importance of keeping the blade cool using specialised water-cooled rotary stones, cork belts & felt wheels.

Only the minimum amount of metal is removed from your knife, guaranteeing a longer life.

Professional Knife Repairs

At the KNIFE SHOP we are highly skilled at all types of blade repairs. Broken tips, chipped blades, removal of rust are all problems that can easily be fixed.

We can reshape your blade and restore its original aesthetic. Depending on the original damage, in most cases the knives will exceed the original cutting ability.

How often should I have my knives sharpened?

Depends heavily on the manufacture of the knife, how you use it and how well you look after it. The short answer is we see the majority of our home users every 6 months for a tune up, and more often if you are attuned to a particularly sharp edge.

Blunt knives are not safe to use and slip easily on even the softest materials. If your knives can't slice through a tomato easily then you need to get them sharpened.


Small knife up to 10cm (blade length) $10.00 - $11.00
Medium knife 10 < 16cm (blade length) $1.00 - $11.00
Long knife 16 < 25cm (blade length) $10.00-$12.00
Extra long knife over 25cm (blade length)
$12.00 +
Scissors $18.00 +
Reshape bevel   from $12.00
Repair broken tip   from $15.00
Repair blade chip   from $15.00
Single edged knives Deba, usuba, yanagiba etc  Starting from $20