Karl Gude

Forged by the skilful hands of expert craftsmen, Giesser blades feature seamless steel tangs, ergonomic handles made from robust materials and meticulously sharpened blades that are so sharp they effortlessly slice through everything from delicate vegetables to tough meats.

Karl Güde, the founder of the Güde manufactory, is the name giver for this series. The chrome-vanadium-molybdenum blade is hand-forged from a single piece of steel. In many further manual operations, it becomes a unique piece of Solingen knifemaking art. The finely forged transition between the blade and the handle, the so-called bolster, here pronounced as an elegant narrow bolster, the noble brass rivets and handles made of local plum wood make these knives a real classic.

Due to the wooden handles, these knives should not be put in the dishwasher. The blade is stainless, ice-hardened and of course hand-sharpened.
This is exactly how knives looked 100 years ago, this is how they were made, this is how they feel and above all: this is exactly how you could cut with them!