Mercator knives: the classic pocket knife
The Mercator knife is a legend among pocket knives and a real classic in Solingen knife design. The Mercator was designed in Solingen in 1867 in the knife and blade forge Indiawerk Heinrich Kaufmann & Söhne, where it was produced by hand in large quantities for many years.

Handmade from high quality materials
The Mercator knife in Solingen, Germany, has been manufactured almost unchanged for more than 150 years. The Mercator brand has been part of OTTER-Messer since 1995 and is still handcrafted in the factory with the greatest care and high quality standards. This means that the Mercator and OTTER knives are closely linked – and not just through the embossing of the Otter logo on the knife handle.

Simple, functional and robust. The original Mercator. It has been popular for over 150 years. Even if it was not designed as an army knife, it quickly caught on in the army of Kaiser Wilhelm. The name “Kaiser Wilhelm Knife” also dates from this period. Today, it is used worldwide and distinguishes itself with its narrow, indestructible design in everyday life. The classic, black Mercator has a powder-coated handle. In all models of this type, the blade locks via a backlock.