Opinel Fishing Knives

The filleting knives from the Opinel collection are perfect for lifting fillets from sole, salmon, trout and any other type of fish that you'll then enjoy cooking.

    After your rod, line and hooks, a penknife is undoubtedly the fourth most important item for fishermen. Opinel proposes knives adapted to this sport, whether preparing the line or filleting fish.

Pocketknives for fishermen.

The small pocketknife made from carbon steel is the perfect companion for fishermen: its sharp, hardwearing blade is perfectly suited. The N°08 Animalia fish knife is also suited to the fishing world due to its engravings. To fillet and thinly slice fish, the filleting knife is what you need. Its slim, elegant silhouette ensures a good grip and easy handling. The cut is fine and precise.