Ryda ST650 - Olive Wood

The ST650 series draws inspiration from the deep Swedish forests and represents the culmination of six years of work. In crafting this knife design, our goal was to create an ergonomic handle appreciated by both novices and experts and the diversity of grips on the handle makes this achievable.

The steel itself is a work of art, characterized by its unique pattern on the blade, enveloping our proprietary ST650 powdered steel. By heating the Damascus blade, we’ve altered the layers of steel in the knife, revealing a stunning pattern. The core steel at the center of the blade maintains world-class quality and achieved a result of 820 when tested on the Catra (catra.org laboratory for steel sharpness testing).

We have chosen a 15° blade edge angle to facilitate easy blade resharpening as needed. The hardness of our blades ranges from 62-63 HRC, making them among the hardest blades on the market. Furthermore, they are Cryo-hardened, one of the most expensive and effective processes for maintaining a knife’s high hardness, ensuring exceptional durability.

 The handle is crafted from French olive wood that has been meticulously dried, moisturized, dried, and moisturized again until it attains the desired hardness. It ages beautifully over time, in contrast to pakka and micarta wood.