Fällkniven knives are top-quality products and rock-solid. Many bushcraft enthusiasts or hunters own a Fällkniven F1. For its designs Fällkniven is inspired by the arctic outdoor life in the North of Sweden, where they are located. Hunting, fishing, bushcraft: daily tasks for the people at Fällkniven. The design of the knives is sleek and makes the steel look rock-solid and robust.

Bushcraft, the hunt, survival & gentleman: Fällkniven does it all

Striking about Fällkniven is the very broad product selection. Fällkniven produces the right knives for many different purposes. Hunting knives, fixed knives and pocket knives. But also bushcraft knives, survival knives, fishing knives, EDC knives and gentleman's knives. Fällkniven isn't a brand that comes up with dozens of new knives each year. Each knife is carefully designed after which it becomes a part of the range for a long time. Quality instead of quantity. Truly commendable!