Victorinix Paring 10cm

Victorinix Paring 10cm
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A paring knife is amongst the most important kitchen utensil a chef can have, because it is small and sharp enough to do delicate work no other knife can. It is often underused because most people think that such a knife is too small to do anything important. Cutting, dicing, preparing, turning: the versatile Victorinox vegetable knives are suitable for all types of vegetable preparation. The wide selection of blade shapes and sizes, both serrated and non-serrated, guarantees you the perfect knives for any vegetable. Let that fruit or vegetable know who is boss and create intricate cuts and inspired garnishing or sophisticated decorating. Other than that paring knives are ideal for removing peels or the veins of a shrimp, but also for deseeding fruits and vegetables with dexterity.
The appropriate hardness of the blade and the laser-tested cutting angle guarantee a high edge retention with a minimum risk of breakage. The non slip Fibrox handles can be sterilized at up to 150 degrees celsius, which makes them ideal for use in hospitals, the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, and caterers.

This pointed tip Victorinox ergonomic handled paring knife is ideal for piercing and cutting. The sharp point is great for piercing and cutting fruit, de-veining prawns and also decorative carving. The edge makes for chopping through small vegetables like tomatoes, celery and radishes easier.

Height 11 mm
Net weight 25 g


Length of blade 8 cm
Handle material polypropylene (PP) 
Type of edge straight edge 
Dishwasher safe Yes