Victorinix Tomato Serrated 10cm

Victorinix Tomato Serrated 10cm
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This rounded tip Victorinox tomato knife is not only ideal for slicing through soft fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, but is also great for slicing through sausages. The knife has a rounded end which makes it safer to use than a pointed tip knife. The ergonomically designed shaped handle makes it comfortable to hold.
The appropriate hardness of the blade and the laser-tested cutting angle guarantee a high edge retention with a minimum risk of breakage. The non slip Fibrox handles can be sterilized at up to 150 degrees celsius, which makes them ideal for use in hospitals, the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, and caterers.

Key features

  • Ideal for fruits and vegetables with soft skin
  • Swiss made tomato and table knife with wavy edge
  • With an ultrasharp wavy edge and an ergonomic handle
Item number 6.7831
Length of blade 11 cm
Weight 33 g