Taidea 6n1 Knife Sharpener

Taidea 6n1 Knife Sharpener
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Knife Sharpener 6 in 1 Multifunction TG2106 Grinder.

  • 1st stageCarbide; Coarse Grinding.
  • 2nd stage320# Ceramic; Medium Grinding.
  • 3rd stage1000# Ceramic; Fine Grinding.
  • 4th stage 320# Ceramic; Scissors Grinding.
  • 5th stageCarbide; Sushi Knives Grinding.
  • 6th stage1000# Ceramic; Bread Knives Grinding.

About this product

  • ☺Get the sharpest blades with ease using the AINMEGE 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Knife Sharpener. With its versatile design, this sharpener can handle coarse, fine, and precision grinding for kitchen knives, scissors, bread knives, sushi knives, serrated and steak knives, and even hunting knives, serrated knives, blades, and machetes.
  • ☺The ergonomic handle design ensures safety and comfort during use. Simply turn the knob to select the appropriate sharpening stage, place the sharpener on a flat surface, and hold it securely with one hand while grinding the knife with the other. This knife sharpener requires two hands for added stability.
  • ☺Made with highly durable plastic, this sharpener is rugged and built to last. It also includes clear instructions and a video tutorial to ensure you get the best results from your sharpener.
  • ☺Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Upgrade your kitchen with the AINMEGE 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Knife Sharpener today and enjoy the sharp, efficient blades for all your cutting needs.
  • ☺Achieve razor-sharp blades effortlessly with the AINMEGE 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Knife Sharpener, designed to handle all your sharpening needs from coarse to fine.
  • ☺The AINMEGE Knife Sharpener's 6-stage adjustable design allows you to choose the appropriate stage for the type of knife or blade you're sharpening, ensuring you get the best possible results every time.