Shizu Hamono Yamato Yanagiba

Shizu Hamono Yamato Yanagiba
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Shizu Yanagiba/Sashimi knife - double-sharpened from the YAMATO series with its 205mm is a knife designed for processing fish and seafood, but due to the double-sided sharpening it can also be used for other light tasks in the kitchen.

Light and comfortable Japanese kitchen knife.

Thanks to its shape and weight, the Yanagiba-Sashimi knife is most often preferred by professionals and amateur chefs for processing fish.

Preserved Japanese style and line of traditional Japanese kitchen knives.

With a beautiful design and slightly curved line, the knife is easy to use and work in the kitchen is a pleasure.

Handle made of laminated Magnolia in dark color and in traditional Japanese oval style fits beautifully in the hand.

Magnolia is treated with high-quality resin that protects the handle and has antibacterial properties.

Blade made of 3 layers of Sanmai steel and core of AUS8 Japanese stainless steel created for knife making.


 Total length 330mm

 Blade length 205mm

 Weight 130g