Shizu Hamono Yamato Deba

Shizu Hamono Yamato Deba
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Shizu Deba-Deba knife - double-sharpened from the YAMATO series with its 160mm is a knife designed for processing fish and seafood, but due to the double-sided sharpening it can also be used for other light tasks in the kitchen.

Light and comfortable Japanese kitchen knife. Due to its shape and weight, the Deba knife is most often preferred by professionals and amateur chefs for processing fish. Preserved Japanese style and line of traditional Japanese kitchen knives.

With a beautiful design and slightly curved line, the knife is easy to use and work in the kitchen is a pleasure.

Handle made of laminated Magnolia in dark color and in traditional Japanese oval style fits beautifully in the hand. Magnolia is treated with high-quality resin that protects the handle and has antibacterial properties.

Blade made of 3 layers of Sanmai steel and core of AUS8 Japanese stainless steel created for knife making. 

With a stainless guard on the border between the blade and the handle.


Total length 290mm

Blade length 160mm

Weight 150g