Seki Magoroku Whetstone Medium 2000 Grit

Seki Magoroku Whetstone Medium 2000 Grit
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Whetstone type: Medium

Typical use: Restoring blade

A medium to fine whetstone. If you do not need to fix small blade parts such as the tip, it is the best grit to regularly use for restoring knife sharpness. It can sharpen finer and sharper than #1000.

Includes a multifunctional storage case. The lid is designed to hold water for soaking the whetstone prior to use, and the base has non-slip feet to provide a steady platform for sharpening. Suitable for sharpening and maintaining all knives, including high spec blades.

184 x 64 x 15mm (L/W/H)

Made in Japan.