Seki Magoroku Whetstone Fine 4000 Grit

Seki Magoroku Whetstone Fine 4000 Grit
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Whetstone type: Fine

Typical use: Finely sharpening and finishing blade edges.

The most common grit to sharpen finely and create a very sharp edge. After sharpening with a medium grit stone and finishing with a fine grit stone, the blade edge will be sharp and polished smooth.

Includes a multifunctional storage case. The lid is designed to hold water for soaking the whetstone prior to use, and the base has non-slip feet to provide a steady platform for sharpening. Suitable for sharpening and maintaining all knives, including high spec blades.

184 x 64 x 15mm (L/W/H)

Made in Japan.