Fallkniven K1 Chef Knife - Blue Whale

Fallkniven K1 Chef Knife - Blue Whale
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he K1, also called the Blue Whale, is a modern, ergonomically designed kitchen knife for the professional chef. Laminated VG10 special steel allows a thinner, lighter and more rigid blade and makes effective kitchen work easier. The tang runs through the handle at almost full width, which gives the knife both stability and rigidity. The thermorun rubber handle is designed for ergonomic comfort and safety, and with no surface grooves or dents it makes for hygienic kitchen detail also.


Overall Length: 330 mm
Blade Length: 200 mm
Blade Thickness: 2.50 mm
Style: Broad Tang
Steel: Laminated VG10
Hardness: 59 HRC
Handle Material: Thermorun
Weight: 180 Grams
Made in: Japan - Designed in Sweden
Product Code: FK-K1

How to Use Your Fallkniven K1 Blue Whale 200mm Professional Japanese Santoku Knife

The Blue Whale knife or K1 is one of the best Fallkniven offerings for professional chefs. Its laminated VG10 makes the entire tool thinner and lighter but also more robust than other butcher’s knives out there.

Whether you are a home cook or a real pro, the aim is to have the best knives in your kitchen. Once you have tried the Fallkniven K1, you will not use any other similar knives. It is why you should take care of it, so it stays useful for many years. Here are some tips to follow:


One of the most important aspects of knife maintenance is keeping it sharp. The K1’s blade is made of laminated VG10 steel, which offers incredible stiffness and rigidity. From time to time, though, it will require you to re-sharpen it.

Use the Fallkniven DC4 whetstone, which works well with almost all Fallkniven knives. DC4 has two sides: the diamond side for sharpening a dull knife and the ceramic side for honing. Utilise the ceramic stone after using the diamond side.


The K1 can quickly become your favourite kitchen knife. Naturally, you use it more than other knives, so it should always be clean. Wash the knife before storing it and keep it dry.

Many knife owners still do not know it is terrible to use the dishwasher when washing the tool. While it does save time, it is probably the worst thing that you can do to the blade. The amount of rattling inside the dishwasher can cause it to bang on other items. It does not matter if the load is made of just knives. They will crash on one another, which can cause some damage.

Hand-washing is always the best solution. It may be time-consuming for you, but your knife will thank you for the extra effort you put into it.


Laminated VG10 is stainless steel, which means it can resist corrosion. However, it is not utterly resistant against rust, especially if you subject it to prolonged exposure to moisture. Therefore, you should never store the knife when it still has a few droplets on it. Be sure that the entire surface is clean and dry before you put it away.

The drawer is not a good idea, especially if there are other items in it. You can, however, use a magnetic strip, which is installed on the wall. You simply stick the knife to the strip, and it will stay there without getting knocked around.

You can also use the classic wooden knife block. Slide the K1 upside down into the block’s slot, so it is not resting on its sharp edge.

 Using the K1

It may be tempting to use the knife to chop or cut frozen food or hard bones. Unfortunately, these tasks will only damage the blade and even lead to breaking. Even though it is a kitchen knife, it is not as heavy-duty as a cleaver or saw.

Use a cutting board when cutting with the K1. Go for wooden boards over plastic since wood is friendlier to your knife and even more hygienic.

 Please note: This knife is not intended for cutting frozen food or bones - for such heavy tasks we advise a cleaver or saw.


10 Year Warranty