Sphinx Divers Knife

Sphinx Divers Knife
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Focusing on the impressive blade, this has been crafted from 420-grade stainless steel. The blade features two saw-cut edges and two regular cutting edges, plus a Bowie tip to allow for deeper puncture.

Along with the Sphinx diving knife comes a moulded rubber sheath to store it safely. The sheath also features a rubber leg strap for convenient attachment as well as quick-release buckles for rapid removal.

Features And Specifications

  • 420-grade stainless steel
  • Hand-guard
  • Multipurpose blade
  • Hammerhead handle
  • Thermoplastic-rubber handle
  • Sheath and leg strap


  • Thermoplastic and rubber have been moulded together to form the handle and maximize its comfort.
  • Land and Sea has incorporated a hand-guard to protect against any mishaps.
  • In terms of quality, the 420-grade stainless steel blade possesses exactly the level of durability you expect from a diving knife.
  • The multipurpose blade consists of a Bowie tip, two regular cutting edges, and two saw-cut edges for a multitude of usages.
  • When not using the knife, store it safely using the moulded rubber sheath.
  • Attach the sheath to your leg using the strap and quick-release buckles to keep it close by.

The affordable Sphinx divers knife from Land and Sea is a visually striking creation brimming with features.