Fallkniven SK18 Erna Knife

Fallkniven SK18 Erna Knife
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We’re happy to introduce the fourth member of the SK Series, the SK18 Erna mobile chef’s knife! It’s light, has got a very comfortable grip in Carelian curly birch and a fantastic blade in our famous laminated cobalt special steel. Bring it to the barbeque party as your personal chef’s knife and your day is made! Comes in a genuine brown leather sleeve and case with zipper.

  1. Always clean the knife in hot water and some dish soap. Dry with a clean cloth.
  2. Never put the knife in a dishwasher!
  3. Never try to cut bones or frozen food, the edge will break or bend.
  4. Always use wooden or plastic boards, never ceramics, glass or marble boards.
  5. Use our D12 or DC521 for sharpening.

About the name Erna:
In Norse mythology, at least according to the Eddic poem Rígsþula, Erna was the mother of eleven children by Jarl, the ancestors of the class of warriors in Norse society. Her father was Hersir, a tribal chieftain. Erna was appreciated for being a lovely daughter and a good mother, always brisk and vigorous. The SK18 Erna will be your good and trusty friend if you treat her right.

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