Shizu Hamono Yuri Nakiri

Shizu Hamono Yuri Nakiri
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Shizu Hamono nakiri knife - the ideal Japanese knife for cutting vegetables

Given that vegetables are part of most food recipes, it makes sense to equipo your kitchen with a knife designed especially for cutting vegetables. If you don't have one yet, we advise you to try the Shizu Hamono Nakiri Knife. This Japanese knife is ideal for working with all types of vegetables. Despite its rectangular blade that ressembles a cleaver, this knife is what Japanese cooks use to cut vegetables with great precision. 

The blade

It is built with a San Mai steel structure, which means that it has 3 different steel layers. This type of blade construction is very similar to that of a damascus blade, but with a much smaller number of steel layers. Nonetheless, the different steel layers are visible on the wavy line that runs next to the blade's edge.

The outermost layer is made of SUS1A-1 steel, which is a type of steel that enables the blade to be a bit more resistance to corrosion. Moreover, the core is made of AUS8 steel with 0.8% of carbon content. This level of carbon allows the blade reach a high level of rigidity of 59 HRC in the Rockwell scale.

The handle

It is made of light laminated wood, and the veinings on its surface are unique to each knife. The contrast between the handle's light tone and the blade's steel gives the knife a beautiful look. Furthermore, the oval design of the handle makes it suitable for right and left handed cooks. In addition, the polished surface of the handle lets you enoy a smooth grip.

Blade with 3 different steel layers on top of each other - San Mai structure

AUS8 stainless steel core enriched with carbon, molybdenum, and vanadium

Top layer made of SUS1A-1 top steel - resistant to corrosion

Oval handle made of laminated wood - ambidextrous design

This new NAKIRI is designed to dice vegetables beautifully. It has a very thin blade and perfectly balanced handle to achieve enjoynable use.



 Total length 295mm

 Blade length 175mm

Sold in an original wooden box - Made in Japan

 Weight 110g