Shizu Hamono Yuri Santoku

Shizu Hamono Yuri Santoku
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For all the true fans of Japanese cutlery, The Knife Shop has the pleasure to present you the Shizu Hamono knives. These authentic Japanese knives are made in the city known as Japan's cutlery capital: Seki. The Shizu Hamono kitchen knives are the living proof that traditional methods can be combined with new technology to create products of exceptional quality.

Cutting your fresh vegetables is easier with this Shizu Hamono santoku knife

Blade with 3 different steel layers on top of each other - San Mai structure

SUS1A-1 top steel layer with great corrosion resistance

Core made of AUS8 stainless steel enriched with carbon, molybdenum, and vanadium

Light coloured handle made of laminated wood - oval design

To finish with a bang, we cannot forget to talk about this knife's packaging. This santoku knife comes in a wooden box with the Shizu Hamono logo engraved on its top surface. Forget about the traditional cardboard box in which most knives are sold, with this wooden box, this Shizu Hamono knife is the perfect gift for any passionate cook!

The SANTOKU knife can cook a variety of ingredients and a variety of cuisine. These must have knives make your daily cooking fun.


 Total length 310mm

 Blade length 190mm

 Weight 90g

Made in Seki, Japan - Comes in a wooden box