Victory Pig Sticker/Sheath

Victory Pig Sticker/Sheath
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Victory Knives are hand crafted in New Zealand from quality corrosion resistant, marine grade European stainless steel. Double tempered and hardened in a sub zero quench allow blades hold their edges longer and are easier to sharpen.
Both blade and handle materials are MAF & FDA Approved making these knives the first choice for professionals in the catering, fishing, horticulture and meat industries. Features the classic Victory 116 pattern handle a proven practical and robust non slip grip.

17.5cm Straight Blade
Marine Grade Stainless Steel Blade
Handle & Blade Materials MAF & FDA Approved
Classic Victory 116 Handle Pattern Proven Robust & Practical
Durable, Easy to Maintain Blade & Cutting Edge
Corrosion Resistant
Finger Guard for Added Safety
No Gap At Handle & Blade Joint for Better Hygiene

Heavy Duty Stitched & Riveted Leather Sheath with Belt Hoop & Steel Pocket

Overall: 350mm long x 65mm wide x 50mm high
Knife: 310mm long x 45mm wide
Blade: 175mm long
Sheath: 280mm long x 65mm wide (5mm Leather)