Gude Delta Chef 16cm

Gude Delta Chef 16cm
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The latest Güde series of knives is also hand forged from one piece of corrosion-resistant chrome molybdenum vanadium knife steel and is perfected in more than 40 mostly manual process steps. As to be expected, the blade is hand sharpened as well. The handle shells, featuring a very classy design, are slightly raised and made of African Blackwood. This wood species is one of the heaviest in the world and - due to its special characteristics – is also used for the manufacture of musical instruments. The handles are not dishwasher safe. The solid design and generous use of materials give the knives of the Delta series an unparalleled balance making cutting a special experience.

  • Blade Length: 16 cm
  • Total Length: cm
  • Style: Chef Knife
  • Blade Material: Forged Stainless Cutlery Steel
  • Grip Material: Ironwood