Bisbell Knife Guard Medium

Bisbell Knife Guard Medium
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New and Improved Pebble Magnetic Blade Guards: available in 3 Sizes (only black available).

These patented knife edge protectors are now tougher than ever before.  They'll keep you safe from nasty accidents and your blades sharper for longer by protecting the blade edges when stored in a drawer or wherever you store you knives.

Because they are much tougher than the previous soft touch version it's not recommended to cut them to length unless you are absolutely determined - we've done it with a guillotene but its not possible with normal scissors so better to just use them as they are in our honest opinion.

The small blade guards are 165mm long and 25mm in width.
The medium blade guards are 255mm long and 35mm width.
The large blade guards are 260mm long and 55mm width.