Taidea 2000-6000-10000 Whetstone Kit

Taidea 2000-6000-10000 Whetstone Kit
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The  TAIDEA Headstone Set  contains 3 premium quality headstones, one  fine (# 2000) , one  extra fine (# 6000)  and one ultra fine (# 10000)  , so we can always adapt effectively to the condition of the edge! The set includes a great stand , in which the insert containing the boulders can be turned in a single movement, so we can switch between the boulders in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the stand, the sharpening process becomes much more convenient, simpler and more precise. The recess in the bottom of the stand helps you to work more cleanly, as the water contaminated with the particles during sharpening collects here. The kit also includes an  edge support assistant, as well as a  premium cleaning stone  . The grindstones are made of the highest quality alumina (noble corundum) abrasive grains, which are the hardest abrasives after diamonds, thus enabling extremely efficient edge formation. With the useful accessories included with the headstones, in addition to the pros, even the most inexperienced users will achieve perfect results during sharpening! In addition to sharpening knives, whetstones are, of course, also perfect for professional sharpening of tools (eg chisels, planers).

3 premium whites of different finenesses ->  Practical solution  - We can effectively adapt to the current state of the edge:

  • # 2000 grit  - Fine-grained whitstone, which is a very dull, very well-used wharf for sharpening and maintaining knives and tools in slightly good condition, but is basically in good condition. By applying it, we get a very usable edge, which solves the general cutting tasks very well. It provides a good foundation for further use of extra fine whetstones. The use of coarse or medium-grained whetstone may be necessary in advance to repair very blunt but particularly damaged blades. The size of the abrasive grains of noble corundum (alumina) is approx. 8 microns.
  • # 6000 grit  - Ultra fine grain whitstone, which is recommended for further refining and polishing of the edges of already very sharp knives and tools, to achieve extra high cutting ability. By using it, blades with polished edges and exceptional cutting ability are obtained. In the case of unsharp blades, it is absolutely necessary to create the foundations of the edge with fine or extra fine-grained whitewash. The size of the abrasive grains of noble corundum (alumina) is approx. 2 microns.
  • # 10000 grit  - Ultra fine-grained whitstone, recommended for further refining and polishing of the edges of very sharp knives and tools, achieving extremely high cutting power. By using it, we get blades with extremely polished edges with mirror-polished edges. In the case of unsharp blades, it is absolutely necessary to create the foundations of the edge with a fine or extra fine-grained whitstone. The size of the abrasive grains of noble corundum (alumina) is approx. 0.9 micron.

Useful accessories in the package ->  Professional result, easily  - We have included everything in the headstones to give you the perfect result:

  • Edge angle assistant (1 piece)  - By using it, we can keep the edge angle during sharpening confidently and easily, even without any prior experience, which is the basis of the perfect result!
  • Cleaning stone (1 piece)  - It is essential to use it on finer boulders, as the metal particles deposited between the fine sharpening grains during sharpening must be removed, only in this way can the sharpening efficiency of the boulder be maintained. In addition, it helps to correct minor unevenness in the surface of the boulder during use. (Recommended for # 1000 and # 3000 grit whaling.)
  • Tripod (1 pc)  - The large tripod lifts the boulder away from the work surface, making sharpening more comfortable and accurate! Non-slip soles help keep the stand fixed, which is the basis for safe and accurate work. The circular recess in the stand catches wet abrasive grains during sharpening, helping to keep the work environment clean. In addition, the stand protects the boulder from damage.

Large work surface -> More  comfortable work  - The work surface of the boulders is large enough to comfortably sharpen either a long-bladed knife or a wider-edged tool.

Premium noble corundum abrasive grains ->  Outstanding grinding efficiency  - Corundum (aluminum oxide) is the hardest and most modern abrasive after diamond, so you can sharpen knives and tools with lightning speed and premium quality! Only the highest quality, selected noble corundum is used in the production, so a homogeneous grain structure and an extra high and even abrasive effect are guaranteed!

State-of-the -art manufacturing technology ->  Guaranteed outstanding quality  - TAIDEA, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of grindstone and sharpening tools, uses premium quality raw materials to apply the highest level and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, continuous research and development to the highest international standards. pays special attention to proper quality assurance!

Wet Sharpening Technology ->  Clean Work Environment  - This whitewash provides optimal sharpening performance when used in water, so immerse it in water for 20-25 minutes before use to keep the whitewash pores full of water and keep the surface moist throughout the sharpening process. Unlike oily boulders, it is not necessary to obtain expensive sharpening oils here, nor is we oiling our work environment.