Proyan 1000/3000 Whetstone Kit

Proyan 1000/3000 Whetstone Kit
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 by Taidea

The grinding stone included in this set is a corundum wet double-sided grinding stone, in a professional quality level from the Proyan series, equipped with a medium grinding side with a grain thickness of 1000 intended for weekly treatment, and a second finer grinding side with a grain thickness of 3000 intended for daily polishing. 

Even the best knife gradually becomes with the use, at least sharp. For blade maintenance and optimum blade sharpness, we recommend using  wet Japanese grindstones . It would not be an exaggeration to say that Japanese Whetstones are the most valued and high-quality means of grinding on the market.

Wet Japanese grinding stones are the most effective sharpening tool for manual sharpening of Japanese knives made of high-hardness steel, but are certainly also suitable for sharpening "Western" knives. As you gain experience and skill in sharpening your knives in stone - you will be able to reach a sharper sharpened blade even from its original sharpening

Key features of a wet grinding stone set for knives in a 1000/3000 core made by Taidea: -

  • The set includes: -
    • Large report stone (20 cm)
    • Base for stable holding of the stone during grinding is integrated in a quality storage box
    • Diamond accessory for leveling the stone
  • Stone in the nucleus Report in the nucleus 1000 (white color) and 3000 (green color)
  • Stone dimensions: - length 20 cm | width 7 cm | Thickness 2.5 cm | Weight 861 grams