Kanetsune Shun 2

Kanetsune Shun 2
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Seki-den and BLUE STEEL trade secrets that have been refined and strengthened over a long history 800 years.These secrets give birth to swords and knives from one of the best craftsmen in Japan Master Knaetsune Seki who observes all of our secret traditions.
Seki city the City of Blades is the 800-year-old blade capital of the Orient. In Seki City we have the greatest number of Japanese sword craftsman in all Japan activity work on passing down the inimitable craft and tradition of Japanese sword-maiking from generation and intent upon introducing these excellent swords from Japan to the world.
Kanetsune Seki is one of the few master craftman of Japanese swords. The Master inherited Seki-den 800 years of secrets that create extraordinarily sharp Japanese swords yet will not fracture or bend.Kanetsune Seki creates notable swords.Their delicate feeling of balance distinctive quality and reliable razor sharpness alre always true to their name.Many of the knives forged by the master craftsman Kanetsune Seki are made of blue steel a type of ultra-high carbon steel.Blue steel which has been used for creating Japanese hunting knives from ancient times has long-lasting sharpness and repels oils.Blue steel which remains most popular among Japanese hunters is the superlative variety for select people.Knives that the master craftsman KanetsuneSeki forges from blue steel employing the secret art of seki -den possess incredible sharpness.

SteelType Blue Steel Core
Handle Oak
BladeLength 90mm (3.55in.)
OverallLength 210mm (8.27in.)