Kanetsune Sazanami

Kanetsune Sazanami
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These stunning knives are made by Kanetsune out of Seki Japan and feature an amazing attention to detail.

The word "SAZANAMI" means ripple in Japanese. The blade is made of 15 layers of Damascus steel and its Damascus pattern is reminiscent of ocean ripples. Thus the name of this knife SAZANAMI. If you take this knife, you can imagine the view of beautiful blue ocean or lake. The knife also includes a Japanese traditional-style wooden scabbard sheath with leather belt loop and metal copper accents. Blue Steel: Called "Aogami" in Japan, is made by adding chromium and tungsten to white steel making it more durable with greater edge retention.

These knives make a great collectible piece or an everyday work knife. Includes presentation box.

SteelType Blue Steel Damascus 15 Layers
Thickness 3.5mm
Handle Handle: Oak
Sheath: Magnolia
BladeLength 120mm (4.72")
OverallLength 265mm (10.43")
Weight 250g (8.8oz.)